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Saturday, 11th July, 2020

Battle of Britain Anniversary 10.7.2020

!0th July 1940 was the start of what was to be called the Battle of Britain, so I thought about bombs around here, and realised we do not know a lot. People know about the bombs in Aveton Gifford and Kigsbridge, indeed Mr Farleigh, builder and undertaker of Galmpton Cross, had his daughter May and granddaughter Janet back  to live in Galmpton after they were bombed out of Kingsbridge.  Janet told me they lost everything in the house.

You may be surprised to know that Inner Hope was also hit by two bombs, luckily a little way up the Bolberry Road, the field is now I think  known as Crater field. Considering the RAF were operating not far away, we were lucky, but the History group do not kow much abut the event. IF anyone has photographs of the craters, or knows the date the bombs fell, we would love to hear from you. m

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Battle of Britain Anniversary 10.7.2020

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