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Monday, 8th June, 2020

Neither Second Homes nor D Day

With our Neighbourhood Plan  started in 2015 nearlly ready, I had planned to quote part of an article from the Gazette written in the mid 1970's based on an interview with someone living in Inner Hope, but without giving the date. Sadly my filing system let me down, the folder containing cuttings had masses, but not the one I was seeking whichI remember discussed the ratio of permanent residents versus second homes or holiday lets. Yes over 40 years ago the same issue was top of everyone's agenda.

Then I thought about D Day, but could not find a record of any one American  or local  who took part, staying or living here. The Americans were further around the coast, but they did visit Hope looking for entertainment, We do know that at least one of the young Americans who came to Hope survived the landings, because as a thank you for hospitality received in Hope, after a group of young GI's found no where open in the village, were taken in for tea by a family, one of young soldier's mothers sent little Maddy a doll after the war.

Finally thank you to everyone who sent me information about men of the parish who served during WW2, Any more information would be very welcome.m

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Neither Second Homes nor D Day

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