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Thursday, 9th January, 2020

Winter celebrations

Oh dear, it seems  I didn't press the vital button to post the November contribution, and have recently been bogged down in post Christmas clear up. Now I am now thinking about  the celebrations of the past when there was a more balanced and resident population. In addition to events  at The Cottage there were parties for children, and Nativity plays, Galmpton Games, Push Ball, Maypole dancing and films in the Barn Cinema in Inner Hope. This picture is inside the Cottage kitchen in 1937.  Chef John Harvey and staff preparing Christmas Lunch.caption If anyone has more Christmas pictures or any pictures of other celebrations, they would be very welcome.

Watch out too for the History Group Cream Tea in the Spring, when we welcome people with photographs and artefacts to join us to share our history.

 With Morris dancing having its origins in the Middle Ages, we have been lucky here  having the Dartington Morris  dancing and performing the Mummer's Play here for over 30 years. This year  there was a good turn out. Does anyone have any record of Morris Men visiting Hope in the past? mmcaption These are 2020 pictures New Year's Daycaption

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