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Tuesday, 2nd July, 2019

The Early Occupation of Hope Cove

 Welcome to the history page.We have had a good response to the first blogs, and feed back received means I  am able to correct some information. Owen Masters tells me that the "green soap" was in fact, white Sunlight  soap, It came from the SS Persier. She was en route from Swansea to Antwerp, with relief supplies for Europe, when she was torpedoed in December 1944 on the far side of Bigbury Bay.It wasn't until winter storms churned up the sea that, some months after the sinking, in 1945 a deal of Sunlight soap came ashore along the coast, also tinned sausages and some Whisky. Customs and Excise/ Coast Guards had any cargo still packaged. Owen remembers collecting the soap in a wooden cart. and the gritty feeling of the soap applied  to his skin. My friend Anne, whose parents farmed near Bantham went with her three sisters with ruck sacks to collect soap. Her mother liked the sandy soap for scrubbing clothes. Anne also said the seagulls pecked the soap, which was not good for them.

I can also say that my eyesight cannot be that good.......... the Wesleyan chapel in Inner Hope was built in 1858, not 1838 as stated.

With climate change being a concern I thought it would be interesting to look at local landscape and sea level changes since the earliest occupation of the area.

The attached link will take you to a document researched by Colin Trenear Harvey, associate of the History Group, who grew up in the parish, and has an enduring love and interest in the history of the area.


Who knew how much the sea level had changed, or that we now swim where there was once forest and dwellings; and how were the massive stones in the "Danish Quay" moved into position..........

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