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Friday, 1st November, 2019

Ghosts and Bonfires.

Being the season of ghost stories and bonfires, i thought I'd look for stories involving the parish, but came up with virtually nothing. 

There was a bonfire of course as part of the alarm system  to warn the Nation of the approach of the Spanish Armada in 1588. The bonfire was at the end of Beacon Lane   

There was an accidental fire at Greystones Hotel when a coal from the coal fired Aga fell on the floor in the 1950's.

As for ghost stories, I have been unable to discover any nearer than Burgh Island. I feel there should be ghost stories in the village; there have been many shipwrecks including the San Pedro, the Armada ship which is thought to have been wrecked in Hope in 1588, the Priest Rock beyond the breakwater is where the ship's priest is said to have been found clinging. There are stories of people struggling ashore after being wrecked only to have been attacked and relieved of their jewellery.  SO, if you know any local ghost stories, or tales about bonfires please get in touch.

I moved on to think about church yards and murder: I only know of one tragic murder. The graves of  Mrs. Yeoman, who had worked at the Plymouth Brethren Chapel in  Galmpton, and her three children are to be found in the Chapel graveyard behind Blue Waters in Galmpton.. Mr Yeoman was said to have the mental age of a child, when aged 35 in 1932; afraid that he was financially ruined, he shot his wife, baby and daughter at their farm near Kingsbridge then went into Kingsbridge hospital where his son was a patient, and shot him in his hospital bed. Mr.Yeoman was caught hiding at Burleigh Dolts between Burleigh and Malborough. He was committed to Broadmoor  where he spent the rest of his life.

Hopefully something more cheerful next month! maz 


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