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Aerial view of Hope Cove

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Monday, 26th April, 2021

Heads up

Aerial View of Bolt Tail.




Plan of the Fort

This is a heads up for those who haven't seen the parish news letter. The National Trust along with Historic England, and South Devon AONB  are carrying out surveys of the scheduled monuments from Bolt Tail to Salcombe, including investigation of the Iron age (Promintary) fort on Bolt Tail.

The last appraisal over 20 years ago was undertaken by Robert Waterhouse archeologist for the History Group when we were gathering information on the book we published.  Recently, on behalf of the group, Tom has passed on to the National Trust, all the reports done by Robert in 2000, and we will be offering any help we can. Colin has also done a lot  of research on the Bolt Tail area, and early settlement see the post for 21.6.2019.

If more funding is secured there are plans for some test pits, and an oportunity for volunteers to be involved and assist in the digs. This is a five year programme. mm

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