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A postcard of the Hotel with a magnifying glass over it and a bloody fingerprint

Murder Mystery Weekends

Don your deerstalker for a fun-filled weekend of murder!

A Murder Mystery Weekend in a great way to turn a short break into a adventure-filled, exciting and social weekend. The fun begins at dinner on the Friday when you watch the drama unfold in the restaurant. The next day you get the chance to interrogate the suspects and look through the supporting documentation. You can even chat with your fellow detectives (who are usually happy to discuss the case). Eventually the killer is unmasked, the winner rewarded and you get to see where you went wrong!

We have Murder Mystery breaks in the spring and autumn so you should be able to find one to fit your schedule.

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Friday, 4th – Sunday, 6th March, 2022


What a way to go!

It has often been said that “If you can remember the Sixties, then you weren’t there”. The 1960s was a decade of great social change and freedom from the straight-laced constraints of bygone eras. For the Hubbard family it was a time of worry, anger and sadness. They returned from a holiday cruise to find that their elderly, widowed mother and her carer were missing from the family home. With the help of Elvis Holmes, a private investigator, they traced them to Galaxy Hall, a hippy commune in Glastonbury. To the consternation of her children, Old Mother Hubbard was having more fun with “The Brotherhood of Love and Concord” than she had had for many a long year and refused to return to the bosom of her family. They had no alternative but to leave her there for the time being. They were intrigued to know what it was about Galaxy Hall that Mother was finding so attractive, and more importantly, what she was getting up to. As you might have guessed, before her devoted family can devise a way to extract her from the clutches of The Brotherhood, Mother Hubbard’s elderly idyll is bound to end in tears. It will be the task of family and friends to discover what has happened to a harmless, rich old lady? And why? For those of our faithful followers who like to have a “theme” to work with - think , 1960s, doing “The Twist” in a mini skirt and kinky boots, wearing a flowery shirt with matching tie. Think Woodstock, Flower Power, Make love not War! A word of caution for the ladies, perhaps burning your bra is going a little too far over the top. Even so, we shall expect some stunning results!

© Jillian Rowe 2022

Rates for Spring 2022

Deluxe double / twin with Bathroom and balcony £270.00
Double / twin with Bathroom and balcony £250.00
Double / twin with Bathroom or shower £230.00

All rates are per person for the two nights and include Bed, Full English Breakfast and Dinner followed by Coffee and VAT at current rate. A deposit of £50.00 per room is requested upon confirmation to secure accommodation.
A two-day break for two at the Cottage (taken between specific dates) can be won by unmasking the cold-blooded killer.
No allowance can be made for guests' temporary absence from the hotel overnight or for separate meals.


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