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Wednesday, 8th January, 2020

November Gales

The gales  have been fierce this November with wind speeds of 100mph recorded at Prawle Point, but in past years, there have been some more notable November storms  in Hope.

The earliest I know of was one on the 7th November 1588 when The Armada hospital ship the San Pedro el Mayar was lost. The exact location of the wreck has never been confirmed, though there are suggestions it foundered on the Shippen rocks. Further information can be found in Neville Oldham and Steve Ckarkson's book.

The Great Storm of 1703 hit the south coast on 26th November, it is said to have been the most ferocious storm ever; 4,000 oaks were felled in the New Forest, and 2,000 chimney stacks came down in London; the  most notable casualty here was the loss of the first Eddystone lighthouse, "The Winstanley"  with Winstanley, who was inside when it was totally destroyed. It was built in 1698, wooden and candle powered.

It seems that many of our famous wrecks came to grief in other months, including the Russian Oil Tanker, BUT The Blesk was nearlly a November wreck, as it came to grief on the Greystone Ledge on 1st December 1896. the Hope and Salcombe lifeboats attended, and  despite foul weather and  near freezing temperatures, the Hope boat rescued 43 people in two trips. the first oil slick was found one day later..mm.


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