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Picture of Glow Worms in South Devon

Glow Worms in South Devon

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Glow worms are a group of bio-luminescent beetles where a chemical reaction in their lower abdomen emits a yellow/green glow. Adult male and larvae glow worms only produce a faint glow whereas the females produce a more noticeable glow. To show her glowing abdomen she will arch her body around a leaf or whatever she is sitting on so that her abdomen is pointing upwards.

Their main diet consists of snails and slugs, but when mature they don’t eat at all. Females only have a few weeks to mate and after laying her eggs she will then die. Adult females have no wings so are flightless whereas males do have wings. Most of their life is spent in the larvae form. Respectively glow-worms have a very short lifespan of 14 days when an adult.

Glow worms are found in many different habitats across the UK including Hope Cove. The peak season to see glow worms is June to August so book your summer break now and you might be able to spot them on a romantic evening walk.