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A view of the Hotel

The Hope Cove webcam

A sea view from anywhere in the country

Open to non-residents

We are open to non-residents so why not pop down to the Cottage Hotel and experience this unforgettable view for real. You could drop in for lunch or a cream tea on the terrace, soaking up the sun and watching the waves crash on the rocks below. And our hotel faces due west so you can enjoy a memorable dinner in our restaurant and watch the sun sink below the horizon. During the summer, you can relax or dine to live music to make it a truly special evening.


If you are standing on the ground floor, you are approximately 64 metres above sea level: the horizon will be 29 kilometres, 16 nautical miles or 18 miles away.

Burgh Island: 4.7 kilometres - 2.5 nautical miles - 3 miles
The Mewstone: 19 kilometres - 10 nautical miles - 12 miles
Rame Head: 26 kilometres - 14 nautical miles - 16 miles
Eddystone Lighthouse: 30 kilometres - 16 nautical miles - 18.5 miles
St Austell: 65 kilometres - 35 nautical miles - 40 miles
The Lizard: 100 kilometres - 54 nautical miles - 62 miles