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Health and safety during home deliveries

Precautions during the coronavirus situation

We are adhering to the gov.uk Guidance for Food Businesses on Coronavirus (COVID-19) published 25 March 2020

Our Procedures

  • Plates are sterilised in our dishwasher before use.
  • Chilled Food is put on these clean plates in our kitchen and cling filmed.
  • Plated food is placed on customer's doorstep, with a gloved hand – no touching of door handles.
  • House bell is pressed (with a pole).
  • Dirty plates are collected from doorstep (customers wash their own plates). These are picked up by delivery staff wearing gloves, placed in a "dirty" section of the van; delivery staff then gel their gloved hands after touching dirty plates.
  • On return to the hotel, dirty plates are carried across front terrace using restaurant fire door entrance (not into kitchen). Five large tables are set up in the restaurant, (day 1 to day 5).
  • Dirty plates are placed on appropriate restaurant table and left for 72 hours; then these plates go into the kitchen wash-up area and are washed in a high temperature dishwasher.
  • Clean plates are stored in clean area of kitchen for re-use.
  • All supplies entering into the hotel (boxes/packaging) have their exterior wiped down with ELIMINATOR MAX (professional disinfectant).
  • No person suppling goods are allowed into the hotel, only key workers.

We believe this procedure with using plates is safer than take away boxes.

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